About May Vera Jewelry

The Founder

Influenced by the Past and Inspired to Preserve the Future

May Vera Jewelry was started by Jennifer Hadaway during 2020. With a life long interest in jewelry and geology, Jennifer has turned her passions and concern for the environment into her business. To help share her story, MV and its collections are named to honour her personal history, beliefs and the influential women in her life. May Vera’s one of a kind pieces have been thoughtfully crafted into jewelry for others to be able to share that love.

The Jewelry

MV focuses on reimagining vintage and second-hand designer hardware into wearable jewelry items. MV transforms authentic buttons, zipper pulls and charms into high quality necklaces designed to be worn daily or to elevate your outfit on special occasions.

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The Mission

May Vera Jewelry is proudly made in Toronto, Canada. Through sourcing authentic designer buttons and pairing them with luxurious chains, MV is able to reduce their environmental impact while giving these timeless pieces another chance at life. In addition to the recycling aspect of their repurposed jewelry, May Vera takes their environmental impact into consideration during each step of the process by sourcing locally when possible and using FSC® forest friendly packaging.

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We are reducing the amount of waste going into landfills by preserving the buttons from designer items that have otherwise met their expiration date.

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MV pieces not only breathe new life into vintage designer items, we carefully craft our items to last! That means these timeless pieces can be worn over and over again.

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Beyond reusing old charms and sourcing our materials locally in Toronto, May Vera uses FSC® forest friendly recyclable packaging.

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